i have been so so happy the last few days seeing the horrors and going to britpop curious and remake remodel and spending stupid amounts of money and drinking ridiculous amounts and it’s been so ace. i absolutely love having ninaeff and psych0candy in manchester, they are top lasses <3


Carl Barât / Photoshoot

Good morning, Graham.



heforshe: we don’t want men to dominate women’s voices.

*uploads video where a large group of men give their opinions on the oppression of women without a single woman involved in the discussion*

heforshe: we want people to see gender as a spectrum and not a binary

*no mention or acknowledgement of the existence of trans people*

heforshe: we want people to see gender as a spectrum and not a binary

*is called heforshe*

rhys thinks he saw kit harington near our flat just now o m g

PJ Harvey - This Is Love
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i can’t believe life’s so complex
when i just wanna sit here & watch you undress

this is love // pj harvey

if u buy the a’lune ep i will not only love you forever but once we get our promo material made i will send u a free sticker and a badge



Tidings is out now! Listen to and buy the EP here.

This is cool. Cool.

if u live in manchester come and see the art club next week!!!!!!!!!!

does anyone want to see hatcham social and cold specks with me tonight i don’t wanna go on my own lol

Samantha Ronson - Built This Way
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Built This Way - Samantha Ronson